Let’s End This

Immigration has always been the dilemma when the numbers are sufficient representing one group of people for social change adding new elements of diversity. No matter what group of people came into America after the initial settlers who displaced the Indian by force, there has been cultural, ethnic and racial discord since. They claimed America for themselves unaware of future social changes with immigration as the catalyze. America as a melting pot would be only within the limited scope of a self perservation as history has shown. Social change endemic to an introduction of people of different backgrounds would increasingly become defined within the scope of this status quo and claims of superiority and dominance. Today’s efforts are to close the borders or limit entrance to certain groups.

Ironically these racist practices in identifying self as superior being white skinned began with the defeat of the Indians in a violent social change by those who were immigrants themselves. A consensus of unconscious awareness quickly began to prevail that anyone with a different cultural practice or hue of skin color could mean social change which was not only not welcomed but violently and even lawfully rejected. Despite the growing identity of America as a melting pot allowing for new freedoms, it was becoming the illusion in favor of self perservation as long as this one group remained in control. There would come increasing resistance to social change through the immorality of segregated practices in the church and the justification in violating human rights through human enslavement by forced migration on the basis of skin color.

We all know the history. A group of people were being brought to America not to melt into this American experiment but for purposes of forced servitude through chattel slavery having been deemed inferior as 3/5 human on account of one’s skin color, Crucifying a Color. Still forced migration necessitates social change. Yet in America this would be opposed by a multitude of racist venom through injustices, segregation, lynching and laws, ectetera on account of skin color, Crucifying A Color.

400 years later and counting present history is still showing a conscious defiance to social change through the crucifying of skin color by racial distinctions in America. It is justifiable to point the finger of guilt at America for its history of forced migration and further for its continual racist practices in today’s political discussions meant to forestall a social change on account of this concept of skin color. A population shift is occurring ushering in change in America. Even as a population shift seems inevitable implying change, the so called white America (many called conservatives) particularly the male remains defiant of and resistive to this social change. Having a predilection for pseudo beliefs to promote one’s dominance and superiority, there is a reluctance to accept the understanding of one’s own blackness in the fact that all of humanity is one. Unfortunately the concept of race despite being in error has made an indelible impression on one’s perceived truth on human differences: Black/White. Skin color is germane to acts of hatred and racism leading to Crucifying A Color. History suggest that it is ineradicable (400+ years). Yet social change implies that it is time we end this for a more equitable human understanding for a better America. Still some diehards will opt out.

The purpose of this blog is to have a national discussion for change and be in agreement. Let’s end this 400+ year social sickness on the relevance of perceived differences (Black/White)and hate filled practices of race/racism.

Your participation is welcomed for an ongoing dialogue leading to change for one humanity. Join me with your comments on site or email from the website

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