Let’s End This

Immigration has always been the dilemma when the numbers are sufficient representing one group of people for social change adding new elements of diversity. No matter what group of people came into America after the initial settlers who displaced the Indian by force, there has been cultural, ethnic and racial discord since. They claimed America for themselves unaware of future social changes with immigration as the catalyze. America as a melting pot would be only within the limited scope of a self perservation as history has shown. Social change endemic to an introduction of people of different backgrounds would increasingly become defined within the scope of this status quo and claims of superiority and dominance. Today’s efforts are to close the borders or limit entrance to certain groups.

Ironically these racist practices in identifying self as superior being white skinned began with the defeat of the Indians in a violent social change by those who were immigrants themselves. A consensus of unconscious awareness quickly began to prevail that anyone with a different cultural practice or hue of skin color could mean social change which was not only not welcomed but violently and even lawfully rejected. Despite the growing identity of America as a melting pot allowing for new freedoms, it was becoming the illusion in favor of self perservation as long as this one group remained in control. There would come increasing resistance to social change through the immorality of segregated practices in the church and the justification in violating human rights through human enslavement by forced migration on the basis of skin color.

We all know the history. A group of people were being brought to America not to melt into this American experiment but for purposes of forced servitude through chattel slavery having been deemed inferior as 3/5 human on account of one’s skin color, Crucifying a Color. Still forced migration necessitates social change. Yet in America this would be opposed by a multitude of racist venom through injustices, segregation, lynching and laws, ectetera on account of skin color, Crucifying A Color.

400 years later and counting present history is still showing a conscious defiance to social change through the crucifying of skin color by racial distinctions in America. It is justifiable to point the finger of guilt at America for its history of forced migration and further for its continual racist practices in today’s political discussions meant to forestall a social change on account of this concept of skin color. A population shift is occurring ushering in change in America. Even as a population shift seems inevitable implying change, the so called white America (many called conservatives) particularly the male remains defiant of and resistive to this social change. Having a predilection for pseudo beliefs to promote one’s dominance and superiority, there is a reluctance to accept the understanding of one’s own blackness in the fact that all of humanity is one. Unfortunately the concept of race despite being in error has made an indelible impression on one’s perceived truth on human differences: Black/White. Skin color is germane to acts of hatred and racism leading to Crucifying A Color. History suggest that it is ineradicable (400+ years). Yet social change implies that it is time we end this for a more equitable human understanding for a better America. Still some diehards will opt out.

The purpose of this blog is to have a national discussion for change and be in agreement. Let’s end this 400+ year social sickness on the relevance of perceived differences (Black/White)and hate filled practices of race/racism.

Your participation is welcomed for an ongoing dialogue leading to change for one humanity. Join me with your comments on site or email from the website.

December 04, 2020

An election has ended (Nov. 03, 2020). Do we recall the democratic candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren? She was criticized for having disclosed (2018) that the results of a voluntary DNA test had shown a Native Indian historical heritage or ancestral past. She was criticized in her revelation although she never sought any official recognition for identity. Her statement has faded into the background. However it shed light on one’s distant ancestral background despite one’s physical characteristics and cultural identity (learned). What would the distant past say about us all? Would it startle us to discover that we have a common ancestral heritage skewed by our cultural identity and blinded by emphasis on physical characteristics. While it does not change who we claim to be, a study of our DNA distant past can reveal that one is not as pure as one claims to be. Our denial lies hidden in the DNA (maternal/paternal). The results of a DNA study (individually) may not be profound but the presence of trace elements can be informative. Our barriers are on account of cultural origins rather than of human origins (biology). The challenge is do we want to go there to find out or remain in an archaic belief system on “Race” since slavery (chattel) in America? Human contact has been diverse perhaps even before our ancestors settled into certain geographical locations. Whereas American history suggest many African Americans from the abuses of enslavement shows a mixed racial heritage from sexual assaults on the females (true). We must not discount that humanity inherits such mixed heritage from its past ancestral migrations. Some even encountered the Neanderthals, hence the question of “Crucifying A Color”. No one person or group of persons despite social definitions, cultural identity or racist ideology are 100% who we say that we are. A viewpoint being generated (still) within the archaic belief system on “Race”. Let’s end this, Racism. Join the discussion. Participate!

We commonly point at the hidden relationships of the past i.e. President Thomas Jefferson (1801 – 1809) resulting in slave related offspring being acknowledged today. Yet if we look into remote human history via DNA, we find a biological relationship of mixed heritage as well which comes to light. It is hidden away and locked within our DNA and isolated from the perceived reality of our social/cultural identity. Some based on the obvious of physical characteristics like skin color, a blemished definition of truth. Today such differences are construed as being consequential as the basis for division within humanity for reasons of privilege/entitlement/ supremacy, the meanings of racism, although being denied as such. Nevertheless, racism allows one to redefine human biological history and is known as racism by the underclass. It allows one to deny being a racist although they clearly are but in terms more acceptable to them i.e. entitled, privilege to imply a natural right. Obviously in truth, humanity by nature or biblically speaking does not accommodate such automatic distinction or classification based on physical characteristics. I should point out that this line of distinction was and has been adhered to for individuals also who could pass as being “white”. It is an opinionated belief on appearances used to distinguish classifications in humanity granting one certain so called inalienable rights to privilege/entitlement. DNA studies can provide a bridge over this misrepresentation in a belief system on “Race” used especially since chattel slavery in America (when racism became firmly rooted). It brings into question practiced attitudes and behaviors towards one another on the basis of physical characteristics, social/cultural identity. Yet such differences in reality are superficial and inconsequential making definitions on “Race” misleading. It is the belief in this concept (Race) which seeds the division and hatred through acts of racism. The truth of one humanity is being summarily ignored. Until “whites” view racism the same as privilege/entitlement, we are liken to two ships passing in the night. Yet they mean the same in application. To summarily believe one has a right denied others because of the adopted belief system on “Race” is racism. When one group of people on the basis of “Race” struggles to be accepted, tolerated by others or needing to be granted rights in participation, this defines racism meaning inequality. Equality is not for sale or to be given out nor allowed by others who are actually of the same humanity (equal).

Herein lies the greater underlined reality to be considered in the understanding of humanity. It requires America to eradicate an ideology of exclusion rather than inclusion which uses social inhibitions on education (truth) if the restraints of racism are to be lifted. To avoid further erosion of society with division, we are in desperate and critical need of an update educationally, religiously and need a fundamental change socially and economically to usurp and replace an archaic belief system on “Race”. There are facts based in DNA studies and theological teachings in support (unrefuted). It must be made available to everyday citizens to redeem America in its practices across the board.

I welcome your comments/participation in this ongoing dialogue for resolution. Let’s end this, Racism. (Principled) RevJ

March 05, 2021

“Maintaining Privilege By Insidious Means – Cancel Culture”

Do we expect someone to just hand over the keys to the house (America) and just go sit down? No! Racism is at its apex and is morphing into a new strategy, Cancel culture. Cancel culture is the evolution of racism. Again we are being confronted with Crucifying A Color (CAC). A transition from overt/subtle acts and racist words to one of bold face lies and dismissal having been made out to be something/someone else not true i.e. the Jan. 06, 2021 insurrection was Antifa and the equivalent of a “Black Lives Matter” (equally) protest. Therefore Red states are acting to pass legislations to curb voting by people of color. To disenfranchise is the equivalent of Cancel culture. It is the lie that we are disruptive to American life and therefore irrelevant to be dismissed, Cancel culture. “August 6, 2020 ‘Cancel culture,’ which President Donald Trump last month called ‘the very definition of totalitarianism…” (Rachel E. Greenspan, www.insider.com/ cancel-culture-meaning) In other words, they get to include or exclude us, Cancel culture. Our voices do not matter as if we are the ones doing wrong. So they want to silence us. Our importance is driven by their perception of us (which is not favorable). A perception made evident when some speak of a willingness to succeed from the union favoring an all white state. Obviously those people of color who side with them didn’t get the memo: you are not wanted (whites only).

Media labels them as conspiracy theorists, but they have 45ism, a dialogue of outrageous lies/accusations leading up to the embracing of Cancel culture. Our participation in the election was called “third world votes” by 45 as if not American. Remember that? Claims of fraud was the leading cause for the insurrection on Jan. 06, 2021 to seize the Capitol Building while housing the United States governing Congress and the VP. No facts of fraudulent voting to overturn an election. Just lies, made up stuff, 45ism, Cancel culture. Faith based in lies of a demigod. “Yet others attribute his ascendance to gullible ‘low information’ voters, victims of misinformation or disinformation campaigns,…’ (It)’ may have less to do with politics and more to do with how some, especially white men feel about themselves… exclusively blamed for society’s problems.” (“The Seeds of Trumpism” by Tom Bissonette MSW, LMSW, Ret.) They see and/or saw their last hope before a demographic shift in 45’s Cancel culture. Their savior (a demigod) to keep their privileged status exclusively theirs (white). 45 is the architect. It is by any and all means necessary as signaled by the insurrection. Even some states legislatively have joined the movement of Cancel culture.

Hence the preemptive move by Texas and Mississippi and now Alabama to remove the mandate for masks and other pandemic restrictions can be viewed as a 45ism gameplay tactic to disrupt the election victory. By removing the protections (PPEs and restrictions) for the most vulnerable to Covid 19 exposure with the possibility of new more deadly variants developing more deaths will occur. It may seem incidental but nevertheless it could be a tool in a 45ism mindset. Something preventable if adhering to CDC guidelines. Consider the idea to dismiss others (us) through a Cancel culture mentality.

Consider the drinking water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi whereas the wealthy white areas are not faced with such a dilemma. Consider Florida which is prioritizing Covid 19 vaccine distribution for wealthy white communities. Consider state legislation in Georgia being passed to disenfranchise minority communities with more restrictive voting laws and barriers. Other red states are planning to do the same, Cancel culture. Consider the “George Floyd legislation” meant to address injustice by law enforcement and/or the “John Lewis Voter’s Right legislation” meant to address the intentional restrictions of minorities. Cancel culture is meant to do great harm insidiously and supposedly legally but seem coincidentally. (Remember? Some 45ers early on considered trying to intentionally expose us to Covid 19.)

If it sounds too sinister (evil/hateful/racist/too extreme) consider that the attack (insurrection) on the Capitol Building in Washington (Jan. 06, 2021) was real with intent to do great harm (cancel democracy) as if the 5 deaths were not enough. Cancel culture by 45ism is meant to try to save the exclusivity of privilege for whites only in America. It is a belief and tactic of mostly white males who view themselves as the standard bearer/provider/ champion to sustain the white American society and culture, the Big Lie. Cancel culture is a discriminatory attitude and practice intended to keep themselves (white males) in an advantageous/privilege position socially, economically, educationally, politically and indeed religiously.

Still this demographic shift of population in America is real/inevitable/occurring in real time now if we are paying attention and remain vigilant participates in American life. Yet their goal/effort (45ism) is to deny/delay/dismiss/prevent this by any and all means necessary or simply to believe that it does not even exist (Cancel culture). Hence our continuous voter turnout; our continuous acts of faith and prayer; our “Necessary Trouble” (nonviolent); and our development of coalitions are needed as chief weapons or tools of opposition along with other efforts to defend unfettered opportunity/freedom for everyone defending the republic and democracy from the lies of Cancel culture.

We must always remember that racism exist because they continue to live the Big Lie (an archaic belief system on “Race”) but now under the veil of Cancel culture. It is why we must stress on all of life’s platforms (economic, judicial, religious, social, political/governance and educational) that “Black Lives Matter” (all people of color) Equally in America and indeed the world. We have been chosen to “Save the Souls of America”. That is the fight of “Crucifying A Color”.