Our Mission

This website is intended to spearhead participation and substantive outcomes for needed change socially in America on the question of Race/Racism after nearly 400 years of ongoing racial strife with its bigotry, dissension and violet conflict whether through vigilante, rioting, social and economic injustice or even law enforcement abuses and discriminatory practices in housing, education, employment and voting, not to exclude efforts to intimidate through hooded covers or regulations even in sports as regards one's behavior on the field.

The obstruction of barriers artificially created/constructed by racist ideology gives a pseudo reality accord to skin color. One could call this Fake News or disinformation but believed even by those who are the targets of its abuse.

Let's end this crucifying a color with meaningful dialogue resulting in substantive change within this society which eradicates this illness.

Further it is intended that we have a discourse on the Black Church which had become the hallmark for social change since its beginning in America providing the initial leaders for civil rights as far back as slavery when allowed to worship openly. Despite its initial beginning and the spawning of rapid and new growth in that era, it failed to establish a foundation especially needed in a newly discovered identity as the Black Church during the civil rights movement of the 1960s. The Black Church having been called out of traditional theology and church practices were laid bare with its absence of a theological foundation. It would suggest this may be largely responsible for its weakening and loss of participation.

We have largely dismissed the biblical importance of the Black Church today suggesting it was only part of the social movement as seen in a rearview mirror. However we should take note of how the Methodist Church came out of the Church of England, the Protestants out of the Catholic Church and the Hebrews out of Egypt for reasons of strife as having been called of by God. Each has a legitimacy to exist. So why not the Black Church. They each have a theological foundation. Why not a Black Theology for a peculiar people of color having been brought out of Egypt (the American slave trade). The Black Church being Christian by definition must purge itself of exegetic preaching and teaching which has the potential to corrupt it and mislead its God driven purpose. It must avoid the tendency for self aggrandizement, self praise, and greed by its ministerial leadership resulting in a disenfranchisement and disengagement in church worship and a decreasing attendance in favor of spirituality which too is largely undefined. A Black Theology with appropriate historical roots is needed.