Removing the Veil

The Black Church was called out of mainstream Western Christianity as the moral compass for Christian thinking and teachings requiring it to have a succinct theology with which to subscribe as the reasons for its collective existence. It is not just a social movement nor an aberration but a religious calling within an unjust society for social change intended to be both redemptive and reformative. It is meant to define a relationship with God as God intends for humanity rising out of the immoral practices of slavery. Practices in which certain parts of humanity were even denied an equal creation status in the church. If Christianity could not embrace all of humanity seeking a faith practice within its churches, something was wrong.

Yet at risk is possibly the future of the Black Church if it can not deliver on the understanding of its calling, its purpose and necessity for growth in membership. We witness the increasing superfluous, elaborate and evangelic practices for prosperity over and above worship.

It must be made clear that we (the Black Church) have a historical relationship with God dating back to the start of humanity in Africa being representative of the initial dark skinned humans. An understanding which is not a theory or concept/idea but God for Whom there is no other definition other than Creator. Black Theology is a first theology. An important factor of worship in the Black Church needs to be brevity in its theological understanding for clarity to grasp God’s message at large. The goal is to renew the insights to a God consciousness for our interactions with one another.

Too many millenials particularly male describe the Black Church as a white man’s religion and as being overly emotional and charismatic but not as addressing their needs. Some increasingly refer to is as a business and not a place of worship rejecting and declining to attend worship services. Why? When the ecclesiology of the Black Church implies or defines it as having been “called out of” the so called white man’s religion which had in history denied their foreparents equality in worship. It’s calling into existence was for the purpose of social change to address the needs of a people both religiously blinded and socially denied. It is suppose to be addressing these needs to encourage their participation as followers of Biblical teachings. What do we say to this?

The Black Church having been called  into existence “called out of” does have doctrines, polity, order of worship even articles of faith but does not have a universal theology to explain and/or define its purpose in God legitimizing a relationship with God. What is our Biblical Theology? What is our relationship with God as pertains to our having been called into existence in America. What something ought the Black Church be doing in America over against the backdrop of race, racism, segregation, bigotry, discrimination, inequality, voting rights challenges, injustices and the abuses of law enforcement.

How should we “Tow the Line” rather than masquerading as just a church and not legitimizing our worship of God as mainstream religion. Are we a chosen people in America promoting redemptive and reformational qualities for social change? If the Black Church has a purpose and/or calling, what is its theology universally?

The Black Church should be viewed as mainstream as any other with a documented Black Theology (first theology) and not be marginalized religiously if considered at all with the prospect of declining into nonexistence.

I am seeking dialogue leading up to the construction of a subscribed theology on Christianity to be utilized by the Black Church universally defining purpose and calling as agents for social change regardless of the nuance of one’s denominational standing. Your comments and participation are welcomed here and by email contact on the website.

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